Experience the ultimate hot beverage experience with the Tassimo T12 coffee machine.

T12 Coffee Brewer by Tassimo

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Experience the ultimate hot beverage experience with the Tassimo T12 coffee machine. Utilizing ingenious barcode technology, this single-serve machine delivers the perfect brewing time, temperature, and water amount for every drink. From irresistible coffees and velvety cappuccinos to refreshing teas and indulgent hot chocolates, the T12 does it all, ensuring a consistently mouthwatering cup of your favorite beverage.

Designed to seamlessly fit on any countertop, the Tassimo T12 boasts a compact size and a convenient, removable 1.5-liter water tank. With its user-friendly interface and one-button operation, preparing your favorite drink is a breeze. And keeping the machine in top shape is effortless, thanks to its automatic cleaning and descaling programs that minimize maintenance hassles.

What truly sets the Tassimo T12 apart is its exceptional ability to brew both hot and cold beverages. Whether you're craving a tempting iced coffee on a hot summer's day or a refreshing iced tea to quench your thirst, this machine has you covered. By utilizing its cutting-edge heat and cool functions, enjoying chilled beverages is just as effortless as savoring a steaming cup.

As an added bonus, the Tassimo T12 comes with a diverse variety pack of T-discs. These innovative single-serve pods allow you to explore an exciting array of drinks and flavors, ensuring that there is always something new to satisfy your taste buds.

In conclusion, the Tassimo T12 is a reliable and versatile companion for those seeking convenience and customization in their coffee and beverage experience at home. With its advanced technology and plethora of features, this machine ensures an unparalleled brewing experience that is both exquisite and hassle-free.

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Date first listed on Amazon: May 5, 2015