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ALTURA's DISC: Premium Filter is a top-of-the-line coffee accessory meticulously crafted for AeroPress coffee machines.

ALTURA's Premium Filter for AeroPress Coffee Makers, known as The DISC, along with an accompanying eBOOK filled with exquisite coffee recipes.

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ALTURA's DISC: Premium Filter is a top-of-the-line coffee accessory meticulously crafted for AeroPress coffee machines. Created from food-grade stainless steel, this filter promises a flawless extraction of coffee flavors through its discreetly placed small holes. Its ingenious design ensures a consistent and swift brew, liberating you from the hassle of paper filters and promoting an eco-friendly coffee experience.

With the DISC, you receive more than just a high-quality filter. This package includes an eBook brimming with recipes tailored to suit various coffee preferences, from invigorating espressos to refreshing iced coffees. Additionally, the eBook provides valuable insights on effectively utilizing and maintaining the filter, granting you an all-encompassing coffee brewing companion.

ALTURA is a renowned name in the coffee industry, committed to delivering exceptional products to discerning consumers. Their diverse range spans from coffee grinders and milk frothers to an array of accessories catered to different brewing techniques. By empowering coffee enthusiasts to craft perfection within their own homes, ALTURA embodies a genuine passion for enhancing the coffee aficionado's experience.

Elevate your coffee brewing game with the DISC: Premium Filter for AeroPress Coffee Makers by ALTURA. With its enduring construction, user-friendly design, and a bonus recipe eBook, this indispensable coffee accessory is a necessity for all coffee connoisseurs, allowing you to savor the essence of a superior cup of coffee in the comfort of your own abode.

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productWeight: 0.16 oz
dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.3 in
asins: B019HPS9OM
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NO MORE PAPER FILTERS: Whether you are environmentally conscious or not, it is liberating to not have to worry about paper filters again. This can add up to some big savings over a lifetime use of the AeroPress. The DISC filter benefits over paper include...
The DISC: GREAT WITH COARSER GRIND SIZES (like french press) that require longer steep time.
Material Type: Regular
ENHANCED TASTE AND FULL BODIED FLAVOR: The natural oil from coffee beans contribute greatly to the taste of your coffee. Unfortunately, paper filters block those oils (while also potentially containing chemicals). The DISC filters allows those oils through without allowing any grit or grind.
RELIABLE, DURABLE, AND VERSATILE: The DISC is unique in which the way it was designed to be durable. Made out of 100% stainless steel with super fine perfectly distributed perferations, The DISC is strong, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. The DISC is best used with the Inverted Brewing method using medium to coarse grinds like you would use with an French Press.
The MESH: GREAT WITH FINER GRIND SIZES (like turkish or espresso) that require less steep time.
Date first listed on Amazon: December 17, 2015
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