Dark Sky Blend by Copper Moon

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Copper Moon Coffee, a family-owned roastery based in Lafayette, Indiana, is dedicated to a straightforward goal: delivering perfectly roasted, exceptionally smooth, and high-grade coffee that will leave you craving more. Our commitment to quality ensures that each cup offers a satisfying taste experience that is truly unparalleled. Whether you are fueling up for a space voyage or simply trying to conquer your early morning routine, always remember to Reach for the Moon with Copper Moon Coffee. Join us as we strive to provide coffee that is truly out of this world.

Product details
Our Starry-Eyed Journey: Always starry-eyed dreamers; we are fueled by coffee and inspired by the way it always seems to bring people into the same orbit.
Reach for the Moon: Copper Moon Coffee is a family roastery in Lafayette, Indiana, focused on a simple mission: to create evenly roasted, uniquely smooth, high-grade coffee—giving you a perfectly satisfying taste that’s out of this world.
Roasted to Perfection: Our simple mission is to create the smoothest coffee that is roasted perfectly to bring out the very best in every single batch.
Let's Brew Coffee: Whether you are preparing for interstellar travel or just trying to get out the door on time, brewing coffee is not rocket science. Please follow brewing instructions on our packaging for the perfect brew.
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