Discover the captivating world of coffeehouse culture through Coffee Love.

Coffee Love - by Markus Sebastian Braun (Hardcover)

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Discover the captivating world of coffeehouse culture through Coffee Love. This book, curated by UNESCO, pays tribute to the rich tradition of Viennese café culture, recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Immerse yourself in the global phenomenon of these charming spaces, as they become an integral part of urban life worldwide.

Coffee Love offers a unique perspective on the evolution of coffeehouses, showcasing an array of design approaches and styles. From minimalist and elegant designs to opulent and extravagant spaces, these projects redefine the modern café experience. Explore the blend of tradition and innovation that shapes these establishments, as they are constantly reimagined, redesigned, and revamped.

Dive deeper into the world of coffeehouse culture through a collection of insightful articles and essays. Uncover the diverse facets of past and present coffeehouse traditions, providing a comprehensive exploration of this fascinating phenomenon. Delight in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and indulge in the ambiance of these cultural havens – where time and space are consumed, and only the coffee finds its way onto the bill.

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