Presenting the versatile and user-friendly BLUE BREW BB1006 Electric Milk Frother.

Blue Milk Frother

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Presenting the versatile and user-friendly BLUE BREW BB1006 Electric Milk Frother. This outstanding frother recreates the cafe experience at your convenience, allowing you to savor the creamy goodness of frothy milk in the comfort of your own home. Boasting a powerful motor and a stainless steel whisk, this frother effortlessly delivers velvety milk foam, guaranteeing you the perfect lattes, cappuccinos, and a myriad of delightful coffee creations.

The BB1006 model stands out with its generous capacity, frothing up to 350ml of milk in one go, catering to both individual servings and larger gatherings. Cleaning is a breeze with the detachable stainless steel jug, which is not only easy to clean but also dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless maintenance and long-lasting durability.

With its user-friendly one-touch controls and detachable base for easy pouring, this frother prioritizes simplicity. Additionally, the non-stick interior guarantees hassle-free cleaning, making it ideal for newcomers and seasoned baristas alike.

In summary, the BLUE BREW BB1006 Electric Milk Frother is an efficient powerhouse, making the creation of exquisite, frothy milk beverages a breeze. Its spacious capacity, user-friendly controls, and detachable jug make it the go-to option for coffee enthusiasts of all skill levels. Prepare to elevate your at-home coffee experience to new heights with this exceptional appliance.

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productWeight: 5.6 oz
dimensions: 10 x 1.65 x 1.65 in
asins: B07N8SKCFJ
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ENJOY AT HOME: Why spend money on cups of drinks when you can create them every day at home in your comfortable kitchen. Let's enjoy the barista-like drinks at home.
VERSATILE: Use this foam wand as a frother for bulletproof coffee, to whisk and whip the perfect eggs, or as a mixer for milkshakes, protein powder drinks and smoothies – the possibilities are endless.
Introducing the Electric Milk Frother by Blue Brew.: If you’re looking to start your morning off with a foamy cup of coffee, smooth latte, or creamy cappuccino - right in the comfort of your own kitchen - then this handheld milk frother is for you.
FAST FOAM: Help to quickly and easily create barista-like foam that’s thick, rich and creamy for all of your drinks – cappuccino, latte, macchiato, hot cocoa and more.
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